Speaker Profile

CEO & Founder, The BioCollective

Martha began her career with Arthur Andersen after graduating with honors from the University of Kentucky with BS in accounting. Early training at Andersen included a process called “transaction flow review” an approach to complex systems thinking. This process maps the flow of transactions in a business to identify weak points and systemic risks. Martha has applied this systems-based thinking throughout her career solving complex problems.In 2002, her husband was diagnosed with PD and she applied her systems expertise to understanding this complex disease. Martha is a self-taught scientist who studied across many fields from plant and soils biology, nutrition, chemistry, molecular biology, infectious disease, genetics, epigenetics, proteins, to neuroscience in search of connections.TBC has built an innovation engine for the microbome. They have a sample base of subjects age 1 to 102, fostered collaboration in PD microbiome research,and developed a strain bank of 2,000+ species of bacteria.