Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, MirVie

Maneesh leads Mirvie’s efforts to develop the first early detection RNA test with the potential to detect pregnancy complications months before they occur. The platform is powered by state-of-the-art machine learning and liquid biopsy technology to analyze tens of thousands of molecular messages from the mother, baby, and placenta – all from a simple blood sample. As a proven life-science entrepreneur, Maneesh served in founding and executive roles at transformational biotech startups addressing large unmet needs for over two decades. He helped pioneer the first platforms to create more accessible next generation sequencing (Ion Torrent) and medical ultrasound imaging (Butterfly Network), as well as the first liquid biopsy plasma test for the early detection of cancer (Cirina and Grail). Maneesh also serves as an independent board member for Mission Bio and Mammoth Bioscience, holds degrees from Caltech and Stanford, and is an author on over 20 publications and several patents.

Pioneering The Future of Pregnancy Health with RNA
1 in 5 pregnancies experience a complication, yet there is no reliable way to detect them. Mirvie’s RNA technology promises to help identify individuals at risk early enough in pregnancy with the potential to allow preventative treatments and reduce the lifetime health consequences for mother or child they often cause.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

Track Co-Chairs:
Aleksandar Rajkovic, UCSF
Kathryn G. Schubert, Society for Women's Health Research

Researchers have long been recognizing the uniqueness of women’s health and its substantial effect on clinical practice, acknowledging the increasing appreciation of the importance of multidisciplinary approaches to health and disease. In every organ system, there are diseases that are unique to women, more common in women than in men, or characterized by differences in disease course in women compared to men. This Track will focus on the following topics related to Women’s Health:

  • Intro to Women's Health
    - Aleksandar Rajkovic, UCSF
  • US Regulatory/Personalized Medicine and Women's Health
    Session Chair: Kathryn G. Schubert, SWHR
  • Reproductive Health
    - Marcelle Cedars, UCSF
    - Linda G. Griffith, MIT
    - Laura Jelliffe-Pawlowski, UCSF
  • Pregnancy
    Session Chair: Yoel Sadovsky, UPMC
    - Virginia D. Winn, Stanford
    - Ananth Karumanchi, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
    - Liang Liang, Stanford
    - Mira Moufarrej, Stanford University
  • Biological Sex Differences in Disease + Inclusion of Women in Clinical Research/Innovation
    - Rhonda Voskuhl, UCLA
  • Cardiovascular Health
    - Nisha Parikh, UCSF
    - Michael Honigberg, Massachusetts General Hospital
    - Jennifer Ann Tremmel, Stanford
  • Bone Health/Osteoporosis & Menopause
    Session Chair: Risa Kagan, UCSF
    - Danit Ariel, Stanford
    - Ann Garnier, Lisa Health
  • Showcase
    - Nathan D. Price, Onegevity
    - Maneesh Jain, MirVie
    - Kevin P. Rosenblatt, NX Prenatal
    - Ripudaman Singh, ARCEDI Biotech
    - Michelle Perugini, Presagen