Speaker Profile

Vice President of Global Marketing, Bionano Genomics

Maggie Rougier-Chapman is the Vice President of Global Marketing at Bionano Genomics. She is a commercial executive with over 15 years of expertise in life sciences, genomics and diagnostics. At Bionano, Maggie is responsible for branding, marketing operations, product management and strategy. She joined Bionano in December 2018 after spending more than 7 years at Agilent Technologies, where she played pivotal roles in sales, sales management and regional marketing management for the Diagnostics and Genomics Division supporting NGS and cytogenetics workflows, CRISPR gene editing, and molecular biology reagents and instrumentation for research and clinical markets. Her career history also includes extensive scientific research, coupled with a variety of business development, sales and marketing responsibilities and achievements from such companies as Stratagene, Incyte Genomics, Cogenics, and Advanced Cell Diagnostics. Maggie holds a Master of Science degree in Molecular Cancer Biology, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a certificate in Genetics, from Duke University.

Genomic Profiling Showcase:
Bionano Genomics

Bionano Genomics develops and markets the Saphyr system, a platform for ultra-sensitive and ultra-specific structural variation detection that enables researchers and clinicians to accelerate the search for new cancer diagnostics and therapeutic targets and to modernize the practice of cytogenetics.

Resolving Structural Variants Across The Genome To Power Discoveries In Cancer & Rare Diseases
Bionano Genomics' Saphyr system is transforming genomics by elucidating genomic rearrangements in cancer and genetic disease that are missed by current methods. Examples will be presented of how Bionano’s genome imaging technology discovers novel fusion genes and complex structural variants that are refractory to NGS and cytogenetics, and how this approach may replace almost all karyotyping, FISH and CNV-microarray assays.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley

The PMWC 2020 Genomic Profiling Showcase will provide a 15 min speaking opportunity for selected companies working with the latest technologies in nucleic acid sequencing such as NGS, providing instrumentation for genomic sequencing, and offering direct to consumer services. These companies will share their innovative products and services to an audience of leading investors, potential clients and partners. The Genomic Profiling Showcase will exhibit the latest innovations in methods and instruments used for DNA/ RNA sequencing to ascertain the genomic and transcriptional profile of a person in order to understand why some people get certain diseases while others do not, or why people react in different ways to the same drug. This information is also being used to develop new ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases, such as cancer.