Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Global Head of Medical Affairs, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Dr. Quagliata and Thermo Fisher are on a mission to democratize next-generation sequencing (NGS) and enable its widespread adoption to accelerate cancer diagnostics. Dr. Quagliata was introduced to NGS while visiting the NCI/NIH, and worked on one of the very first Ion Torrent instrument. Over the years, he took advantage of the Ion Torrent solutions’ exponential improvements and acquired extensive experience in molecular diagnostics of solid malignancies, helping the development of NGS into a tool that enables simultaneous analysis of multiple biomarkers, from gene variants to fusions. Dr. Quagliata is trained in medical biotechnology and holds a PhD in vascular medicine. Prior to joining Thermo Fisher, he was Senior Director for the R&D Unit and Leader of the Molecular Diagnostics Division, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland. With the ultimate goal of enabling precision medicine, Dr. Quagliata’s team was amongst the first in Europe to introduce NGS into routine diagnostics of solid tumors.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley

Track 4 - January 22 1.00 P.M.-2.00 P.M.

Revolutionary technologies, machines and applications allow NGS to lead scientific advancement and reach the clinic. This momentum has increased in the past year. In this session, we will hear from several large NGS manufacturers and process pipelines about their current goals, upcoming developments and what the future holds for their products.