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Ph.D., Co-Founder & CTO, MeMed Diagnostics

Dr. Oved has 15 years of combined industry and academic experience, leading interdisciplinary and multicultural teams that apply Molecular biology, Engineering, Big Data, and industrial Design, in different clinical applications. Dr. Oved co-founded MeMed Diagnostics and serve as its CTO and Chairman of the Board, where he is actively participating in shaping the company strategy. He led the development and the clinical validation of the entire MeMed technology suite including the MeMed BV™ technology, and the MeMed Key™ Point of care platform, from a concept to development completion. He holds a B.A. in Biology (Summa Cum Laude), B.Sc. in medicine (Magna Cum Laude), Ph.D. in molecular immunology, and 6 years training at the Technion School of Medicine. He is the co-author of 83 granted and pending patents, the author of 15 peer-reviewed publications, and the recipient of multiple research excellence awards, including the prestigious Wolf Award for research students, and recently listed in the top 25 voices in Precision Medicine for 2019.

Pathogen ID Showcase:
MeMed Diagnostics

MeMed's mission is to translate the complex signals of the immune system into simple diagnostic insights that transform the way we treat infectious diseases and inflammatory disorders – at the right place and the right time.

Concept/Technology/Product: A Decade Long Journey Of ID DX
A decade-long journey to develop and validated novel diagnostics that distinguish bacterial from viral infection for better antibiotics stewardship. We will discuss the drivers for a successful product, what worked, and what failed, in pursuing after a game changing tool.