Speaker Profile

Director, Genetic Counseling Services, Natera, Inc

Jennifer Saucier is a board-certified genetic counselor with expertise in expanded carrier screening, non-invasive prenatal screening and preimplantation genetic testing. She currently serves as the Director of Genetic Counseling Services at Natera where she provides guidance on product development and oversees a team of laboratory genetic counselors. Prior to joining Natera, Ms. Saucier gained invaluable experience in all areas of genetic testing (prenatal, pediatrics, cancer and laboratory) working as the sole genetic counselor at a large rural university hospital and cytogenetics lab. She later joined Genzyme Genetics and specialized in reproductive genetics while counseling patients at several busy maternal fetal medicine offices.

The Evolution Of Genetic Carrier Screening
This talk will cover the history of genetic carrier screening from ethnicity-specific testing to today’s expanded carrier screening panels. The advantages, challenges and genetic counseling implications of future advancements such as whole exome/genome sequencing will be discussed.