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Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Xcell Biosciences

Dr. Lim is a co-founder of Xcellbio and is currently leading the company’s effort in the development of an advanced primary cell culture and analytics platform. Focused on technologies that enable therapeutic drug development, Dr. Lim is the inventor of the AVATAR cell control system. This IP protected system allows researchers to study primary cells under a diverse range of microenvironments found in the human body. Applications that utilize discrete pressure and oxygen settings were developed by Dr. Lim’s group to expand rare cell types (circulating tumor cells, cancer stem cells), enhance iPSC differentiation into neurons, and predict CAR-T efficacy utilizing autologous model systems. Dr. Lim received his B.Sc. In Cell Biology from McGill University, and his Ph.D. in Biophysics from The Scripps Research Institute. He conducted his post-doctoral studies at Harvard Medical School and launched Xcellbio while working as a researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Immunotherapy Showcase:
Xcell Biosciences

Xcellbio is a provider of advanced primary cell expansion and analytical technologies.

Advancing Drug Development Through Microenvironment Mimicry
Current approaches to drug development do not incorporate the impact of the tumor microenvironment, a critical parameter that dictates both cellular behavior and drug efficacy. Development of screening platforms that effectively model the human microenvironment can revolutionize early drug discovery.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley

The PMWC 2020 Immunotherapy Showcase will provide a 15-minute time slot for selected immunotherapy companies to present their latest technologies and advancements to an audience of leading investors, potential clients, and partners. We will hear from companies building new cell-based immunotherapies, work in the growing area of cancer vaccines, that help understand the relevance of the tumor microenvironment, accelerate the patient selection process, or otherwise work towards overcoming to challenges related to therapeutic discovery.