Speaker Profile

President & Chief Executive Officer, Mesa Biotech

Ingo has over 25 years of experience and a proven track record of building and leading high performing organizations in healthcare that create differentiated solutions, outperform in the marketplace and generate sustainable growth. Most recently, Ingo was President and CEO of Mesa Biotech, a rapid-PCR technology and testing company in infectious diseases. Mesa was acquired by Thermo Fisher in February 2021. He spent the last two decades building global business in the oncology and infectious disease marketplace, holding senior leadership positions at Navican Genomics, GenMark Diagnostics, Gen-Probe, Roche and Ventana Medical Systems. Ingo graduated from Friedrich Haecker School in Germany with a degree in electrical engineering. Ingo is known for focusing on the well-being of the people around him: the patients, the teams, the customers and his family. He fosters a culture that embraces integrity, goal orientation and personal accountability as well as fairness, tolerance, and he authentically cares.