Speaker Profile

M.D., Executive Director, Center for Biomedical Innovation & NEWDIGS, MIT

Dr. Hirsch is the Executive Director of the MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation (CBI) where she leads NEWDIGS, a “think and do tank” that is re-engineering pharmaceutical innovation to deliver more clinical value to patients faster, in ways that work for all stakeholders. NEWDIGS’ flagship project on Adaptive Licensing helped inspire the successful EU-wide Adaptive Pathways pilot program led by the European Medicines Agency (2014-2016). Under Dr. Hirsch’s leadership, NEWDIGS continues to channel multi-stakeholder thought leadership to advance other critical enablers of ABI such as “precision financing” models for durable, and potentially curative, therapies; structured evidence planning across the product lifecycle; and disease focused “learning ecosystems.” Her current efforts are focused largely on the NEWDIGS LEAPS Project, applying a systems approach to the planning, generation, and use of evidence. Dr. Hirsch has held a number of leadership roles that leverage her broad clinical background (Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Psychiatry) both in industry (Millennium Pharmaceuticals) as well as academia (Harvard, Brown, and Tufts).