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M.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Caris Life Sciences

George W. Sledge, Jr., M.D. oversees Caris Life Sciences’ medical affairs, research, and medical education, including oversight and leadership for the Caris Precision Oncology Alliance™ and Caris’ global team of Medical Science Liaisons. Prior to joining Caris, Dr. Sledge was Professor of Medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine where he served as a member of the Division of Oncology. He was most recently co-director of the Stanford Cancer Institute’s Cancer Therapeutics Program and served from 2013-2020 as Chief of the Division of Oncology. Trained in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology, Dr. Sledge has devoted his professional career to understanding the biology and improving the treatment of breast cancer. He is active as both a laboratory and clinical researcher, with more than 390 scientific publications.


Genomic Profiling Showcase:
Caris Life Sciences

Caris Life Sciences®, the leading molecular science and technology company developing and delivering innovative solutions to revolutionize healthcare, has a suite of market-leading molecular profiling offerings that assess DNA, RNA and proteins, revealing a molecular blueprint helping physicians better detect, diagnose and treat patients.

The Benefits of Comprehensive Molecular Profiling
How Whole Exome and Whole Transcriptome Sequencing can lead to better patient outcomes.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2023 Silicon Valley

Showcase Track S1 - January 25 9.30 A.M.-3.00 P.M.,Showcase Track S1 - January 26 10.00 A.M.-10.15 A.M.,Showcase Track S1 - January 27 11.45 A.M.-12.00 P.M.

The PMWC 2023 Genomic Profiling Showcase will provide a 15 min speaking opportunity for selected companies working with the latest technologies in nucleic acid sequencing such as NGS, providing instrumentation for genomic sequencing, and offering direct to consumer services. These companies will share their innovative products and services to an audience of leading investors, potential clients and partners. The Genomic Profiling Showcase will exhibit the latest innovations in methods and instruments used for DNA/ RNA sequencing to ascertain the genomic and transcriptional profile of a person in order to understand why some people get certain diseases while others do not, or why people react in different ways to the same drug. This information is also being used to develop new ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases, such as cancer.


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