Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA

Dr. Slavich is a leader in the conceptualization, assessment, and management of life stress, and in psychological and biological mechanisms linking stress with poor health. His current research uses methods from precision health and multi-omics to reduce disparities in human health and opportunity caused by stress. In addition to directing the Laboratory for Stress Assessment and Research at UCLA, Dr. Slavich is Director of the California Stress, Trauma, and Resilience Network, Co-chair of the National Task Force on Stress Measurement in Primary Care, Director of the Global Belonging Collaborative, and Senior Program Director for the UCLA/UCSF ACEsAware Family Resilience Network, which is supported by a $41.5 million grant from the State of California. His research has been published in leading scientific journals including Nature Medicine, Nature Communications, and JAMA Psychiatry, and has been covered by many media outlets such as The New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, The Atlantic, Scientific American, and others.

Cells-to-Society: A Precision Health Approach to Mitigating Toxic Stress

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

Track Chair:
Keith Yamamoto, UCSF

Patient-centric data – Real-World Evidence (RWE) and Real-World Data (RWD) - is becoming instrumental in the drug development process and for health care decisions in general. This data is not only informative for the process from discovery to new indications, clinical trial design, and drug development, it also can be of value to monitor post-marketing drug safety and for decision support in clinical practice. As the data becomes a decision driver, science companies and medical organizations are increasingly focused on leveraging RWD and RWE to not only better understand the patient populations using their drugs and the respective outcomes, but also to accelerate clinical decision support. This session will focus on the various aspects of integrating RWE and RWD to support drug development and clinical decision support


  • Realizing the Promise of Precision Medicine Using Real-world Evidence (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Atul Butte, UCSF
    - Nancy A. Dreyer, IQVIA
    - Mark Laabs, RCRF
    - Rhonda Cooper-DeHoff, University of Florida
  • Opportunities and Challenges in Using Real World Data (RWD) (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Vivek Rudrapatna, UCSF
    - Joseph Wu, Stanford University
  • How Are Patient Data Revolutionizing Precision Medicine? (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Clara Lajonchere, UCLA
    - Sharon Terry, Genetic Alliance
    - Farid Vij, Invitae
    - Latha Palaniappan, Stanford
  • Regulatory Requirements and Challenges for Using RWE
    Session Chair: Sheila Walcoff, Goldbug Strategies
    - Kathy Hibbs, 23andMe
  • Government Partnerships: California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine
    Session Chair: Julianne McCall, California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine
    - William Kim, UCSD
    - George M. Slavich, UCLA
  • Leveraging RWE to Create Value (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Kathryn A. Phillips, UCSF
    - Phil Febbo, Illumina
    - Suzanne Belinson, Tempus
    - Stacey Dacosta Byfield, OptumLabs
  • Computational Social Choice Theory's Impact on the Collection and Understanding of RWD
    - Ian Terry, LunaDNA
  • The Past, Present, and Future of RWE
    Session Chair: Keith Yamamoto, UCSF
    - Matthew Porteus, Stanford