Speaker Profile

Chief WayFinder, One Cancer Place

Erica is the Designer/Builder of ONE CANCER PLACE - the Front Door to PATIENTLAND™, who's cause is to promote universal biomarker testing/education for all patients, regardless of stage. She is also the Designer/Builder of the original COLONTOWN, which is a disease-specific patient support community.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

Track 3, June 28

The diagnosis, risk stratification, and treatment of cancer have become increasingly personalized. Clinicians utilize novel testing technologies to select targeted therapeutics based on predictive biomarkers. The advent of newer and less invasive approaches to diagnosis such as liquid biopsy is enabling clinicians to better tailor treatment plans for their patients. Novel immunotherapy agents used alone or in combination with other agents may further optimize outcomes for patients with advanced disease. This session will explore the unique challenges that community-based clinicians face in their practice.