Speaker Profile

CEO, Translational Software

Don began his career at Dun & Bradstreet as a financial analyst and used his programming skills to advance to a position as Director of Management Information Systems for the networking division. During his 14-year career at Microsoft, he held a variety of program management positions including launch products for the Microsoft Network, Virtual Private Networking, Real Time Communications as well as founding the BioIT Alliance. He founded Translational Software in 2009 to provide tools that enable clinicians to practice precision medicine.

Navigating the Headwinds in the Pharmacogenetics Market
The past year has seen unprecedented challenges to the fledgling market for pharmacogenetics testing. A combination of legislative initiatives, regulatory scrutiny, and evolving payer policies are forcing changes among all stakeholders in the market. This talk will articulate strategies for adapting to the new market to broaden and deepen the use of pharmacogenetics in clinical care.