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Ph.D., Director of Assay Development, Epic Sciences

Applying his experience in technology assessment and immunoassay commercialization to the comprehensive liquid biopsy space, David joined Epic Sciences in the fall of 2020. Highlights over the past two years include advancements in prostate cancer assays as well as the development of the DefineMBC liquid biopsy for diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. Prior to Epic Sciences, David spent 11 years at Thermo Fisher Scientific in the next-gen immunoassay arena for biomarker discovery-to-validation workflows. Highlights include serving as Sr. R&D Manager to lead development of the ProQuantum High Sensitivity Immunoassay, as well as holding roles in the Office of the Chief Scientific Officer, and the corporate COVID-19 diagnostic testing task force. Earlier in David’s career, he developed Luminex xMAP immunoassay automation platforms for PerkinElmer and spent time performing inflammatory disease research at Pfizer. David’s Ph.D. and postdoctoral fellowship research focused on G protein coupled receptor signaling and thrombosis.

Clinical & Research Tools Showcase:
Epic Sciences

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2023 Silicon Valley

Showcase Track S2 - January 25 2.45 P.M.-4.00 P.M.,Showcase Track S2 - January 26 1.30 P.M.-4.00 P.M.,Showcase Track S2 - January 27 1.15 P.M.-1.30 P.M.

The PMWC 2023 Clinical & Research Tools Showcase will provide a 15-minute time slot for selected companies in this space. The Clinical & Research Tools is a showcase for innovative technologies that are used for the analysis of genetic variation and function, helping to advance breakthroughs in genetic health, rare disease conditions on individuals of all ages, complex diseases and cancer care. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) and microarray technologies empower rapidly evolving genomic revolution.