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CEO, Xerion Precision Bio

Investor & patients' advocate in systems biology, precision neuroscience. Served on steering committee of the MIT/UCSB Alzheimer’s X initiative, and is on the financing structure committee of the American Medical Association/One Mind Healthy Brain Global Initiative; and the corporate advisory Board of Cancer Expert Now. Adviser to CEO of CancerLinq. Dan is a multi-asset class investor, lawyer and social entrepreneur whose 35-year career has been defined by purposeful engagement as an adviser and investor in important global developments, most recently through his $3.5 Billion Xerion Hedge Funds.

Data Analytics Is Only As Good As The Data
Quality analysis depends on quality inputs. Fully realizing AI's potential for precision medicine will require multi-dimensional mosaic of data input, including biomarker analytes, biomedical interventions, treatment effects and secondary treatments.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley