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M.D., MBA, Founder, President & CEO, PetDx

Dr. Grosu founded PetDx in 2019 after his beloved dog Poppy succumbed to pancreatic cancer at the age of 4, less than two months after her diagnosis. The ordeal motivated him to assemble a team of experts in genomics and veterinary medicine around a simple goal: using the latest advances in genome sequencing to revolutionize the early detection of cancer in pets. Most recently, Grosu, who studied medicine at Saint Louis University School of Medicine and earned an MBA from the University of Oxford, served as chief medical officer at Sequenom. Previously, he had been the first chief medical officer of Illumina, where he established the clinical development and medical affairs operations, and led the clinical studies underlying regulatory clearance of the world’s first next-generation sequencing IVD platform and assay.

Clinical Dx Showcase:

PetDx® – The Liquid Biopsy Company for Pets™ is a San Diego-based molecular diagnostics company dedicated to unleashing the power of genomics to improve pet health. The company's flagship product, OncoK9®, enables veterinarians to detect cancer in dogs with a simple blood draw.

Liquid Biopsy Applications in Dogs
The high degree of homology between human and canine malignancies, and the high prevalence of certain cancers in dogs that are rare in humans, offer unique opportunities for large-scale, fast-tracked comparative oncology studies using widely available liquid biopsy testing methods.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

Track 6, June 28-30

The PMWC 2022 Data Applications in Clinical Diagnostics Showcase will provide a 15-minute time slot for selected organizations, including commercial companies, clinical testing labs, and medical research institutions, to present their latest advancements, insights, applications, and technologies to an audience of clinicians, leading investigators, academic institutions, pharma and biotech, investors, and potential clients. We will learn about new technologies and findings that promise expedited, cost-effective, and accurate clinical diagnosis for early disease detection, treatment decisions, and disease prevention.

- Clinical Dx/Oncology (including Liquid Biopsy)
- Clinical Dx/Cardio Vascular
- Clinical Dx/Nerodegenerative