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Ph.D., CSO, SomicsMed

As Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Boysen is leading the technical and clinical development of SomicsMed’s proprietary Pyrophophorolysis Activated Polymerization assays for mutation detection using cfDNA from liquid biopsies. She has over twenty years of industry expertise developing technologies and software in genomics, bioinformatics, immunotherapies, drug discovery, and diagnostics. She recently launched a laboratory implementing microfluidic chip technologies from Caltech for the development of TCR-T cell-based immunotherapies and has previously managed QIAGEN’s consulting business in the US for their advanced genomics bioinformatics programs. She has spearheaded products and projects making integrated software solutions for sequence and microarray analysis, incl. analysis of Cancer Gene Panels, Exome, WGS, RNASeq, HLA, IG/TCR and mitochondrial data, as well as made pathogen typing and forensics applications. Dr. Boysen obtained her Ph.D from Caltech in the lab of Leroy Hood, where she developed DNA sequencing technologies for the human genome project, while sequencing the T cell receptor loci in human and mouse. She got her Cand. Scient from Univ. of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Clinical Dx Showcase:

SomicsMed is a diagnostic service laboratory focused on screening and early detection of cancer-associated mutations using cfDNA from liquid biopsies.

Ultrasensitive And Selective Mutation Detection Using PAP Technology
As we strive to save lives by earliest detection of cancer, we are employing our patented technology, Pyrophophorolysis Activated Polymerization, to enable selective detection of minuscule amounts, down to one mutant template, of ctDNA in a background of wild-type cfDNA from liquid biopsies.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley

Track 6, January 22-24

The PMWC 2020 Data Applications in Clinical Diagnostics Showcase will provide a 15-minute time slot for selected organizations, including commercial companies, clinical testing labs, and medical research institutions, to present their latest advancements, insights, applications, and technologies to an audience of clinicians, leading investigators, academic institutions, pharma and biotech, investors, and potential clients. We will learn about new technologies and findings that promise expedited, cost-effective, and accurate clinical diagnosis for early disease detection, treatment decisions, and disease prevention.