Session Chair Profile

Ph.D., General Manager, Biobank Analytic Platforms, DNAnexus

Dr. Collins has spent the past 20 years as a biologist, strategist, and operational leader focused on transforming and scaling biopharma and healthcare companies. Previously, she was the Head of U.S. Clinical Operations at Genentech, where she was responsible for executing in-sourced, late-stage, pivotal clinical trials for the entire Genentech / Roche product portfolio. Prior to that, Dr. Collins was Vice President and General Manager for the U.S. Clinical Trial Sourcing business at McKesson Corporation and worked as a senior executive focused on life sciences strategy and operations for Fortune 500 companies at Deloitte and Quintiles Consulting. Dr. Collins is also an Aspen Institute Health Innovator Fellow, an independent Corporate Director for IDEXX Laboratories, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Translational Research Institute for Space Health, and a mentor for Backstage Capital. She also worked on The Cancer Genome Atlas project (TCGA), where she focused on managing stakeholder and public communications, as well as the integration of business requirements for the first public database. Dr. Collins earned her PhD in Cancer Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh.

Cloud-based Research Analytics of Large Population Cohorts
There are multiple large, population cohorts coming online and being planned. We will discuss how cloud-based analytic platforms are allowing innovation and discovery for the maximum number of researchers and as a result the greatest impact on advancing science and healthcare.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

  • Hope or Hype? The Role of ML in Drug Discovery and Development (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Ansuman Satpathy, Stanford University
    - Marcel Hop, Genentech
    - Mark Jacobstein, Immunai
    - Stacie Calad-Thomson, BioSymetrics
    - Andrea deSouza, Eli Lilly and Company
  • Advancing Research and Drug Discovery with UK Biobank
    Session Chair: Asha Collins, DNAnexus
    - Lucy Burkitt-Gray, UK Biobank
    - Lisa McFerrin, AWS
  • Machine Learning for Novel Target Discovery: Unique Techniques Meet Unique Data
    Session Chair: Alex Morgan, Khosla Ventures
    - Lindsay Edwards, Relation Therapeutics
    - Kristen Fortney, BioAge
    - Quin Wills, Ochre Bio
    - Joseph Rodgers, Fountain Therapeutics
    - Calum MacRae, Atman Health
  • AI/ML in Clinical Trial Design, Patient Selection and Prediction of Outcomes (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Peter Lipsky, Ampel Bio
    - Nasim Eftekhari, City of Hope
    - Mika Newton, xCures, Inc.
    - William Oh, Sema4
  • Treating Genetics as Data: Computable, Structured Results for Precision Medicine
    - Peter DeVault, Epic
  • DeepConsensus: Sequence Transformers for Sequence Correction
    - Andrew Carroll, Google
  • AI in Small Molecule Design and Screening (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Petrina Kamya, Insilico Medicine
    - Jim Edwards, Janssen
    - Tommaso Mansi, Johnson & Johnson
    - Martin Emanuel Bittner, Arctoris
  • PMWC 2022 Showcase
    - Kevin Cho, Envisagenics, Inc.
    - Poojitha Ojamies, Novartis
    - Steve Harrison, Engine Biosciences