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M.D., CEO and President, Protean BioDiagnostics

Dr. Magliocco is an internationally recognized leader in precision oncology who has over 30 years experience in tissue pathology, research, molecular diagnostics, and digital image analysis. He was previously chair of Pathology at the Moffitt Cancer Center and Medical Director of the Morsani Advanced Diagnostics Laboratories.Most recently he has founded Protean BioDiagnostics, a new company focused on accelerating the deployment of precision oncology to under serviced cancer patients using multiomics and an advanced data integration approach. He has published over 200 research articles, holds numerous patents, and is a frequent invited speaker to international diagnostic technology meetings. His research focus is the development of clinically useful diagnostic tools to support precision oncology using multiomic technology platforms, digital image analysis, and AI approaches.

Clinical Dx Showcase:
Protean BioDiagnostics

Protean BioDiagnostics is a new start-up focused on accelerating the deployment of precision oncology to under-serviced patients using Oncology MAPS a unique integrated multi-omic and data-centric approach.

Protean BioDiagnostics: A Disruptive Approach To Accelerate Access To Precision Oncology
Protean BioDiagnostics utilizes a patient-centric, integrated, multi-omic, big data approach to accelerate the deployment of precision oncology to community cancer patients. The disruptive and collaborative approach creates a novel platform that not only delivers diagnostic services but provides unique research and development opportunities.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley

The PMWC 2020 Data Applications in Clinical Diagnostics Showcase will provide a 15-minute time slot for selected organizations, including commercial companies, clinical testing labs, and medical research institutions, to present their latest advancements, insights, applications, and technologies to an audience of clinicians, leading investigators, academic institutions, pharma and biotech, investors, and potential clients. We will learn about new technologies and findings that promise expedited, cost-effective, and accurate clinical diagnosis for early disease detection, treatment decisions, and disease prevention.