Speaker Profile

Founder, Ciitizen

Anil Sethi is the CEO of Ciitizen, a Silicon Valley startup helping patients collect, organize, and securely share all their digital health data—converting text narratives, into computable data.  acquired Sethi’s consumer Health Records company Gliimpse in 2016. Apple released its Health Records feature in 2018. Anil served as a Director of Apple Health until leaving in 2017 to take care of his little sister Tania, who died soon after from Metastatic Breast Cancer. Amongst his previous five healthcare ventures, he’s had one failure, three exits (WebMD, Citrix, Apple) and a Nasdaq IPO.

Automated Patient Detection For Trials
It’s exciting to talk about immunotherapy, biomarkers for the early detection of disease, alongside all the value ‘big data’ has to offer. But the dirty little secret surrounding big-data in healthcare is this…there isn’t much, and there isn’t much value being created from it. Small data, n-of-1, personalized treatments are the ideal solution to help individuals with individual illnesses. We will DEMONSTRATE the ML/AI extraction of cancer data from unstructured clinical narratives, plus the automated detection of patients satisfying inclusion/exclusion criteria for clinical trials, in real-time. A first for our industry.