Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Guardant Health

AmirAli Talasaz currently serves as co-founder and co-CEO of Guardant Health, a leading precision oncology company. AmirAli is an entrepreneur in the rare genomics and clinical diagnostics fields. Prior to co-founding Guardant Health, he was Senior Director of Diagnostics Research at Illumina and led the efforts for emerging clinical applications of next-generation genomic analysis. During that time, he developed different genomic technologies suitable for clinical applications. Before Illumina, he founded Auriphex Biosciences, which focused on purification and genetic analysis of circulating tumor cells for cancer management. The technology was acquired by Illumina in 2009. During his academic years, he led the Technology Development group at Stanford Genome Technology Center. AmirAli received his PhD in electrical engineering and MSc in management science from Stanford University.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

Track 4, June 28

Alzheimer’s disease is one of our nation’s most significant threats, with devastating impacts on patients and their families. This session will explore a new approach called neurodiagnostic therapies, a methodology fundamentally enabled by ultrasensitive biomarker measurements that allow visibility to neurological disease in individuals before they are symptomatic. This allows treatment to be administered at a more optimal stage, to improve therapeutic effectiveness and by extension, patient outcomes.

During this presentation, attendees will learn how this new approach can provide early treatment to ultimately accelerate disease detection and improve outcomes, in addition to creating viable and credible evidence for the healthcare system to adopt it with coverage to facilitate frictionless access.