Speaker Profile

Ph.D., MBA, National Genomics Officer, Microsoft UK

Dr. Alessandro Riccombeni has more than 15 years of international experience in genomics research, product development, and business strategy across the US and EMEA. Before joining Microsoft, he created AWS international genomics business, focusing on population genomics and product development. Riccombeni has led the development of cloud platforms for bioinformatics and commercial services for gene editing. He started his career in research, leading projects in Oncology and Infection Biology before moving into industry. Alessandro holds a Ph. D. in Comparative Genomics from University College Dublin and an MBA from London Business School.

Challenges and Opportunities in Establishing National Precision Medicine Initiatives
Precision Medicine initiatives are transforming healthcare and introducing genomic medicine around the world. Millions of patients are being recruited, creating diverse challenges and opportunities across public and private sector. In this talk well focus on how the UK ecosystem is accelerate growth in the Precision Medicine industry, bringing together academia, NHS, industry and patients.