Speaker Profile

M.D., Chief Medical Officer, CloudMedx

Dr. Pitt’s expertise includes Neuroradiology along with medical informatics. He is a Professor and Attending Physician at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. At CloudMedx, he guides the company's clinical excellence and strategy. Prior to joining CloudMedx, he was the founder of Excelsius Robotics (exit to Globus Medical in 2014) as well as the Chief Medical Officer of Avizia (exit to AmericanWell in 2018). He has 3 patents (2 in med device and 1 in identity management). Dr. Pitt has been an advisor at a state and national level on issues related to value-based care delivery and health IT. He moderates a podcast, healthcarepittstop.com, discussing issues related to health tech, investment and policy. Dr. Pitt did his undergraduate work at Stanford University, medical school at University of Arizona, and postgraduate training in radiology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and completed his fellowship at Barrow Neurological Institute.

Harnessing EHR Data for Actionable Decision Support
Data 1.0 was paper, medicine from 1900-2000. Data 2.0, the EMR, 2000 onward, promised better care at lower cost. Unfortunately, the result is in part “dehumanizing.” Data 3.0 hopes to go back to the future by harnessing data and AI as a tool for care. 3 case studies will be presented.