Speaker Profile

M.D., Ph.D., Co-Founder, MyOme Inc.

Dr. Kumar is a medical genetics resident at Stanford and is co-founder of MyOme where he oversees medical and scientific direction. Prior to MyOme, Akash trained in science and medicine at the University of Washington under his thesis advisor Jay Shendure. His scientific contributions include design and implementation of NGS-based methods with applications in cancer genetics and prenatal testing. He has published seven first-author publications in journals including Nature Medicine, PNAS and Genome Medicine and is a co-inventor on one licensed patent. As a medical geneticist, Akash believes that early diagnosis/intervention are essential to improve outcomes for children and families affected with disease.

Measuring Genomic Risk In Parents And Embryos
Recent advances in sequencing technology and “polygenic risk scores” offer the potential to expand the scope of genetic testing to conditions that are increasingly relevant to the health of individuals and their growing families. Advantages, challenges and controversies will be discussed.