Speaker Profile

Founder & CEO, DNAFeed

Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of DNAFeed, which provides AI-enhanced Genetic Counseling for health organizations, genetic testing labs and employers. With the first ever genetic counseling as-a-service platform, DNAFeed offers a scalable and flexible genetic counseling solution which allows near-instant enablement within genetic testing workflows. DNAFeed's AI-enhanced platform allows board-certified genetic counselors and pharmacists to deliver a modern and high-quality genetic counseling experience for both patients and doctors, whether through voice, video or online chat. Ahmed’s previous experiences in genomics include ten years at Thermo Fisher Scientific, managing various genomic product lines (including qPCR, NGS and microarray), and across verticals such as pharmacogenomics, infectious and inherited disease. Ahmed received both his MBA and Bioengineering M.S. from Georgia Institute of Technology.

AI-Powering Your Clinicians
To AI or not to AI? This is a question many face as they are developing health technology platforms. We will weigh AI utilization potential across numerous components of our genetic counseling platform. Key examples include assessing AI usage in extracting research findings, augmenting genetic counselors' patient/provider communication, and analyzing patient medical records.