Session Chair Profile

Director of Advanced Genomics, MilliporeSigma

Dr. Shawn Shafer has been at MilliporeSigma for 7 years and currently serves as the Director of Advanced Genomics. His group oversees the development of molecular tools for genetic research and diagnostic applications. As the leader of this team, Shawn oversaw the creation of MilliporeSigma’s comprehensive portfolio of CRISPR products, with a focus on targeted genome editing in cells and research animals, as well as high throughput screening applications. Dr. Shafer received his PhD in Developmental Biology from Washington University and began his science career working on the Human Genome Project. Leading a sequencing lab on this project gave Shawn a taste for “big” science, with many people working towards a common goal. At the same time, Dr. Shafer witnessed the value of academic and industry partnerships in facilitating big science and has worked to bring the two together so that researchers on either side have access to the best technology.


High Throughput Knockout Screening with CRISPR
The adoption of the CRISPR pathway components for targeted genetic engineering has received much attention, but CRISPR has also fundamentally changed how we approach screening. In this talk we will discuss the important considerations to make for high throughput knockout screening with CRISPR in various formats and review the accompanying data. We will conclude with a look toward the future of screening and the promise that these new tools hold for uncovering previously recalcitrant targets.

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