PMWC Jan. 26-28 Program is LIVE + Tal, Join Sessions on the Latest Cutting Edge Technologies in Precision Medicine

We are truly witnessing a transformation in healthcare as new technologies enable the generation of new data and insights at an unprecedented scale. Technological advances and their resulting scientific breakthroughs are improving our understanding of disease pathogenesis, thus changing the way we diagnose and treat disease. More precise, predictable, and powerful healthcare solutions are helping to fulfill the promise of Precision Medicine.

Robust technologies, methodologies, and tools provide both genetic and genomic insight that can be harnessed to improve disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention – these include:

● Maturing, established technologies: next-generation, short-read sequencing (NGS).
● Recently implemented technologies in the clinical setting: rapid pathogen identification, liquid biopsy, and genomic vaccines.
● Evolving technologies: proteogenomics, protein sequencing, long-read and 4th generation sequencing, DNA synthesis platforms, single cell genomics, spatial omics’ methodologies, and deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning applications in radiomics, diagnostics, drug development, and clinical trial matching, and more.


The various technologies continue to build upon each other. The speed, accuracy, and increasing affordability of NGS, especially, has helped spur the advent of precision medicine and enabled NGS to evolve into an established technology across all research and clinical sectors.

Recent advancements in AI/ML have become an increasingly foundational requirement to maximize insights from the various data generated via these new and evolving technologies (e.g., pathogen identification, spatial omics, and clinical trial matching)

We have put together a program in Track 4 on Day 1 at the upcoming Precision Medicine World Conference Silicon Valley (PMWC 2022 SV), January 26-28 that focuses on emerging technologies that have paradigm-shifting potential and that carry the promise of tremendous positive impact on healthcare and drive precision medicine forward.

The Emerging Technology track, Track 4, taking place on Day 1 of the conference (January 26) is coming into focus with the following session highlights:
Protein Sequencing
● Vijay Ramani, UCSF
4th Generation Sequencing Technologies & Genome Mapping Systems
● Barrett Bready, Nabsys
Long-Read Sequencing Technologies
● Steve Turner, PacBio
Single Cell Genomics
● Michael Schnall-Levin, 10x Genomics
Spatial Transcriptomics
● Niro Ramachandran, Akoya Biosciences
● Jason Gammack, Resolve Biosciences
ML/AI for Diagnosis & Prognosis
● Amrie Grammer, AMPEL BioSolutions
Pathogen Identification
● Chair: Charles Chiu, UCSF
● Todd Dickinson, Arc Bio
● Philip Stevens, Noscendo
Modern Technologies for Pathogen Identification + AI
● Sivan Bercovici, Karius Dx
Advances in Proteomics – Stratifying Cardiovascular Risk to Decrease Cost of Care
● Chair: Roy Smythe, SomaLogic
Leveraging Immune System Diagnostics to Improve Disease Outcomes
● Chair: Kathy Kamath, Serimmune
● Millennia Lytle, Mymee
● Noah Nasser, Serimmune

Furthermore, we have two entire tracks dedicated to showcases (Track 6 and 7) that feature emerging companies and medical organizations in new technology sectors. These forums highlight the latest technological developments and breakthrough achievements in areas such as:

● AI & Data Sciences: William Oh Sema4; Abdul Hamid Halabi Tempus, Tim Gilliams Healx, VerismLife, Whitney Smith, Collaborative Drug Discovery, Ganapati Srinivasa Omics Data Automation, Alexander Zhavoronkov Insilico Medicine, VIDA, Amrie Grammer AMPEL BioSolutions, Angel Alberich-Bayarri QUIBIM, Steve Gardner PrecisionLife, Syntegra, Jason Springs EndPoint Health, Ofer Mendelevitch Syntegra, Ziv Yaar McKinsey, Philippe Menu Sophia Genetics, Jay Gerlach ROSALIND, Maddison Masaeli Deepcell, BC Platforms, Albert Chan Sutter Health, Mark Collins Helomics, Thomas Westerling-Bui Aiforia, Juan Harrison IMIDomics, Coryandar Gilvary OneThree Biotech, Michael Andreini MMRF, Krzysztof Rataj Ardigen, Shawnnah Monterrey Beanstock Ventures
● Microbial Profiling: Rafal Iwasiow DNA Genotek, Heloise Breton DNA Genotek, Carlos Merino Diversigen, David Foster Metabolon, QIAGEN, Nur Hasan EzBiome, Second Genome, and Ardigen
● Health Monitoring: Refractal, Adhere Tech
● Wellness & Aging: Peter Rabinovitch University of Washington, Jamie Renbarger LifeOmic
● Clinical & Research Tools: simplSEQ, Christopher Coley Epredia, LevitasBio, Nicolas Garreau Nuprobe, Adam Chasse Guardian Research Network, Whitney Smith Collaborative Drug Discovery, Wout Brusselaers Deep 6 AI, Alessandro Pinto NuProbe, Tian Yu Truckee Applied Genomics, Twist Biosciences, Kiana Aran Cardea Bio, Markus Wenk National University of Singapore, Alexander Katz National Human Genome Research Institute, Patti Engel Engage Health, Patrick Short Sano Genomics, Deep Lens, and ClearLabs
● Clinical Dx: Sid Bryant University of North Texas Health Science Center, Joe Volpe Labcorp, Clifford Reid Travera, Priti Hegde Foundation Medicine, Artidis, Klaus Lindpaintner InterVenn BioScience, Chris MacDonald ChromaCode, NeoGenomics, Russ Ingersoll Trapelo Health, Brady Davis Canexia Health, Vanessa Vankerckhover Novosanis, Mark McDonough Pierian Dx, Oguzhan Atay BillionToOne Inc., Asaf Zviran C2i Genomics, Johan Skog Exosome Diagnostics (a Bio-Techne company), PGDx, Varsha Rao Claret Biosciences, Andrew Quong Fluildigm, Invitae, Olink, Foresight Diagnostics, Alan Hauser Arvetas Biosciences, Manu Tamminen Genomill Health, Ying Huang Invivoscribe, Brian Leyland-Jones Parthen, Anne-Renee Hartman Adela, Miriam Huntley Day Zero Diagnostics, David Ge Apostle, Gerald Commissiong Todos Medical, Nucleix, Anne Wylie Yale, Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine (Genome Institute), Jake Chabon Foresight Diagnostics, Morial Heller Nissan Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Daphna Laifenfeld Genetika+
● Genomic Profiling: William Audeh Agendia, PacBio, Alif Saleh Scipher Medicine, Twist Bioscience, William Stanford Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine, and Joonyul Kim Ciscovery Bio
● Liquid Biopsy: Raj Krishnan Biological Dynamics, Shana Kelley Cellular Analytics, Chris Hibberd Nucleix
● Emerging Therapeutics: Richard Chen Personalis, Quest Diagnostics, Lane Weaver Novome Biotechnologies, Janssen, Matt De Silva Notable Labs, Kent Lloyd UC Davis, and OneFul Health
● There are a few spots left if you would like to showcase reply back and cc [email protected]

We are pleased to have experts and leaders from both the private and public sectors from established as well as newly-surfaced companies working at the forefront to make this paradigm shift a reality!
Looking forward to having many of you join us, in person, at this most timely and relevant, PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley Conference, January 26-28. Register now and save!

Yours truly,
Tal Behar
President, PMWC
PMWC Silicon Valley Jan. 26-28, 2022