Speaker Profile

Ph.D., MSc, Business Development Manager, imec

Roeland Huys is as a Business Manager at imec, Belgium, and builds bridges between imec’s advanced nanotechnology R&D and production capabilities towards the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry.
Roeland studied Microelectronics Engineering at the University in Leuven and started his professional career in telecommunications. He received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics on the design and development of a microelectronic chip to interact with brain cells for neurophysiologic applications.Later, Roeland worked at imec on various nanotechnology R&D topics for life sciences, such as on-chip microscopy and integrated biosensors. Imec is a global R&D nanotechnology company in Europe with over 250 industrial partnerships worldwide, including partnerships in Life Sciences Technologies.


Leveraging Chip Technologies for Healthcare
By repurposing extremely powerful chip technologies normally used to build computing, communication and data storage functions, it is possible to build powerful life science instrumentation in very small packages.

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