Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Ardigen SA

Dr. Kaja Milanowska is an expert and programmer in the field of next-generation sequence data analysis and interpretation. Her interests include promoting the transfer of knowledge from academia to industry and further education of computational sciences. Prior to joining Ardigen, Kaja co-owned VitaInSilica, a bioinformatics company. Kaja is an enthusiast for women in business and IT which resulted in her starting and co-organizing PyLadies meetings in Poland. Kaja joined Ardigen in February of 2016 in the role of senior data scientist and team lead in Bioinformatics & Data Sciences focusing on NGS data analysis which includes projects such as microbiome profiling. She is also an Assistant professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences.


Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Medicine
One of the frontiers of advancement of personalized and precision medicine lies in data analysis and interpretation. Exponentially growing ‘omics’ data enables machine learning and deep learning methods to efficiently support diagnostics and treatment platforms. Is there a way of inducing trust for artificial intelligence aiding treatment decision-making processes?

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