Speaker Profile

Ph.D., President, Arborsense

Girish Kulkarni has 10 years of experience working on carbon nanomaterials for applications in chemical and biochemical sensing. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from University of Michigan and soon after co-founded Arborsense to develop wearable nanobiosensors for healthcare applications. His work on nanoelectronic sensors has has been widely reported in reputed forums like IEEE spectrum, Nanowerk, Wearable Tech, Health and Environment, Phys.org, Science Journal, etc.


Health Monitoring Showcase: Wearable Nanoelectronic Sensors for Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring
Excessive alcohol consumption is a health risk behavior and the fourth leading preventable cause of death in the United States. Current methods of monitoring alcohol use are invasive, inaccurate, obtrusive and/or bulky. At Arborsense, we are developing a wearable alcohol nanobiosensor that continuously monitors transdermal alcohol vapors to estimate blood alcohol content. Our technology provides accurate and timely information about alcohol use for better awareness and a healthier lifestyle without discomfort or stigma. Arborsense’s graphene based nanoelectronic sensing platform can detect more than 30 different analytes and can be expanded to other markets such as drugs of abuse detection, occupational safety, food spoilage, and environmental monitoring.

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