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VP, Pathology and Translational Oncology, Genomic Health

Rick Baehner provides over 15 years of Product Development and Pathology and Cytology expertise and management to Genomic Health, Inc. Rick is a Vice President, and is the Clinical Lead on the Oncology Franchise and Liquid Biopsy Core Strategy Team. He helped develop the Recurrence Score for ER positive breast cancer, single gene reporting, the DCIS Score, Oncotype DX for colon carcinoma, the prostate GPS Score and Liquid Select. He also built and manages the GHI Pathology Group which provides Pathology expertise for all GHI clinical products in the Clinical Laboratory as well as global product support to Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Research and Development and Operations at Genomic Health. Rick is a faculty member of the Department of Pathology at the University of California, San Francisco with subspecialty expertise in breast and hematopoietic neoplasia. He directed the Hellen Diller Molecular & Immunohisotochemistry Core Laboratory for >10 years.


Where Value Based Care and Precision Medicine Converge
The challenge to provide value based care in the era of Precision Medicine are upon us. Genomics in Oncology addresses clear clinical value, economic value, chemo prediction, and prospective outcomes, yet has not reached the tipping point to obtain standardized integration in oncology practice.

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