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D.Sc., Department of Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. De La Vega is an accomplished Genomics and Computational Biology Scientist. He spent 13 years at Applied Biosystems (currently Life Technologies), where he was the Distinguished Scientific Fellow, Vice President of Next-Generation Sequencing Applications, and a distinguished inventor, founding member of the Life Technologies’ i2 (Invention x Innovation) Society. He is currently a Visiting Instructor at the Department of Genetics of the Stanford University School of Medicine where he studies the structure of human populations through whole-genome sequencing, how to interpret this variation for clinical purposes and coordinates a research project where knowledgeable genetics professionals are being sequenced to obtain a medical interpretation of their genomes. Francisco earned his Doctor of Science degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology at CINVESTAV (Mexico), studying the genetic regulation of protein biosynthesis in the bacteria/bacteriophage system with emphasis in the computational analysis.

Session Abstract – PMWC 2017 Silicon Valley

Session Synopsis: Cancer genomics can improve outcomes and reduce costs. The challenge clinical laboratories face is how to choose from a complex set of unequal partial solutions for biochemistry, bioinformatics and clinical interpretation while meeting the regulatory requirements and providing cost effective services. We propose a simple end-to-end complete solution from tumor to clinical action.

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