Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Vice President, Precision Medicine, GNS Healthcare

Boris Hayete leads a scientific team focusing on systems biology and related causal machine learning areas. He has co-authored a number of peer-reviewed articles on systems biology, and has developed a widely used network inference algorithm. He has been at GNS Healthcare for over seven years, and at the Boston University Bioinformatics Ph.D. program before that, for over a decade of experience in network inference and systems biology. Prior to his Ph.D, Boris has done research and applied work in web search, and has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science with a focus on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing from The Johns Hopkins University.


Parkinson’s Disease: in Search of Predictors of Progression
Recent efforts to identify genetic and clinical drivers of progression of Parkinson’s disease using a computational platform can enable determination of genetic and clinical predictors of the evolution of disease. What is the applicability of these results to drug discovery and research?

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