Our Healthcare System Clearly Needs a Revamp And It’s Happening!

Patients are demanding an exceptional healthcare experience; one that makes care more.

At PMWC, we can sense a revolution in the healthcare system on the horizon with fee-for-service losing dominance and innovative technology playing a key role in healthcare delivery. This is evidenced by these recent announcements:

  • Over 900 Direct Primary Care or Concierge Medicine practices – a 230% increase from 2015
  • Civica Rx was established as a generic drug company by various health systems
  • CVS (Aetna) and Walgreens (LabCorp) are building clinics and mobile apps
  • Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway & JPMorgan Chase team up to form an independent healthcare company
  • Kroger grocery chain launches new discount program for prescription drugs — part of a gradual nationwide shift in how consumers can pay for their medications
  • Microsoft, Google, Apple and even Facebook are analyzing healthcare industry data through their algorithms, with the hope of generating new insights into how and where “health happens” and what can be done to generate improvements over current systems

While these developments are encouraging, we see them as the beginning of a movement. At PMWC we are in the rare position to not only witness these changes, but also to make progress by providing stakeholders and healthcare community members the opportunity to come together in an environment that fosters open and stimulating dialogue. At PMWC Silicon Valley Jan. 20-23 we will:

  • convene and discuss the demand for an exceptional healthcare experience that makes care more integrated, accessible, seamless, and convenient
  • understand the impact of these developments on patient health, provider costs, and the drug developer’s processes
  • bring us closer to a fee-for-value system and solution
  • use our conference as a catalyst for change


Join us for the “New Models for Better Patient Care” track, which was designed and created to address these pressing needs. Sessions included:      JANUARY 20-23, 400 SPEAKER PROGRAM

  • Ecosystem of Shared Value – Chaired by Jennifer Splansky Juster (Collective Impact Forum)
    • Panel includes Gertjan Bartlema (Celularity), William Dalton (M2Gen) and Jenny Isaacson (Pancreatic Cancer Action Network)
  • New Hospital-administrated Drugs Supply Model – Presentation by Dan Liljenquist (Intermountain Healthcare / Civica Rx)
  • New Model For Primary Care – Presentation by Amir Dan Rubin (One Medical)
  • New Preventive Care Models – Chaired by Dr. Ralph Snyderman (Duke University)
    • Amy Compton-Phillips (Providence St. Joseph Health)
    • Fireside Chat: Trent Haywood (Blue Cross Blue Shield Institute) and John Hornberger (Genomic Health)


“Not only do I see this as risky, but I am also deeply concerned about the lack of transparency surrounding this trial. All medical advances, gene editing or otherwise and particularly those that impact vulnerable populations, should be cautiously and thoughtfully tested, discussed openly with patients, physicians, scientists, and other community members, and implemented in an equitable way.”

Feng Zhang, Broad Institute – Genome editing tool pioneer for use in eukaryotic cells from natural microbial CRISPR-Cas9 systems | Luminary Awardee and PMWC 2019 SV