Note from Dr. Keith Yamamoto, PMWC 2017 SV Program Chair

Times couldn’t be more exciting with the ongoing conceptualization and implementation of Precision Medicine, the revolutionary approach to research, health, and healthcare that is continuously evolving, driven in part by the Precision Medicine Initiative launched and supported by President Obama; the recent NIH education boost via a new grant program that promotes education in genomic medicine among physicians and biomedical scientists; the recent funding for health care provider organizations, technology developers and community health centers to establish the necessary infrastructure to build and leverage a cohort of one million volunteers; and the continuous rise of new technologies and innovations.

I am honored to experience this wave first-hand and to join the PMWC team to develop the structure and focus of the upcoming PMWC 2017 SV conference. PMWC has established itself as a leader in creating an outstanding forum that touches every component of precision medicine while convening all of its stakeholders. A sneak peak promises an exciting upcoming conference, touching upon subjects such as cancer and rare disease diagnostics, immunotherapy, infectious disease monitoring and pathogen identification, an update of the PMI, the economics and financial impact of bringing PM to the clinic, the role of the FDA in patient care, liquid biopsy, biobanking, the microbiome, and much more – for more information see the developing themes.

Please join us – and an exciting speaker lineup which includes James Allison, Jennifer Doudna, Steve Quake, Robert Califf, Jeff Bluestone, Eric Dishman, Jay Flatley, Lee Hood, Ronald DePinho and George Poste – on January 23-25 for PMWC 2017 Silicon Valley to hear first-hand from leading experts how these advances, opportunities, and challenges will shape the biomedical research, health and healthcare of the future.


Dr. Keith Yamamoto,
Professor at UCSF, Vice Chancellor for Science Policy and Strategy, and Vice Dean for Research, School of Medicine
PMWC 2017 Silicon Valley Program Chair