Note from Dr. Eric Schadt, PMWC 2018 SV AI Track Chair

AI/Machine Learning in Healthcare – Hype or Reality?

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are on everyones’ minds these days, and they are poised to become game changers in many areas, including the healthcare sector. There’s a rise in potential applications and companies developing new approaches and innovative tools and the industry is responding to this exciting development. Pharma is using AI to incorporate analytical solutions to accelerate drug development, the tech industry embracing the healthcare market to build winning solutions, and the clinical sector is utilizing AI for diagnostic and treatment decision making. While use in the clinic still remains on the horizon, huge strides are being made with its utility for drug design, discovery, and development including patient selection algorithms for clinical trials. All this comes as no surprise given the importance of the healthcare analytics market with an estimated size of $43B by 2024.

The benefits of a data-driven healthcare are manifold and undeniable. Yet, for AI and machine learning to create the value needed, significant hurdles must be overcome.  Traditional silos must be broken down and data must become accessible, managed and understood. Growth is largely driven by the providers’ ability to identify clinically meaningful outcomes in relation to costs, through the mining of EMR data, accelerated adoption of big data that enables informed patient decision-making, and the development of decision support tools for telehealth and remote patient monitoring. Standards of data collection and analytical methods are yet to be established. And   clinicians must be convinced and comfortable with placing their trust in “self-thinking” machines – no small task.

The debate is ongoing: Will AI replace human oncologists, as Vinod Khosla predicts?  It is only once we overcome these hurdles and have access to the data and the tools, that we can benefit from the advances of AI and machine learning, which should then become the key enablers of healthcare value?

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PMWC 2018 Silicon Valley has dedicated six sessions to AI and machine learning as well as a Company Showcase. This is a great opportunity for everybody in the field to learn, contribute, and help make AI a reality in healthcare. We have invited (and continue to invite) a number of leading scientists and critical thought leaders in AI and machine learning. Sessions include topics in the critical areas of data-driven patient care, population health, healthcare process automation, AI-enabled drug discovery and development, and the need to scale the infrastructure to meet the computationally intense demands of AI and machine learning.

Here is a list of thought leaders that are among the confirmed presenters:

With that we have some key players in the market presenting at the AI/machine learning track, including:


I hope to see many of you join us for the approaching PMWC 2018 Silicon Valley, January 22-24, in Mountain View, CA for the AI Track that I am leading.

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Dr. Eric Schadt
PMWC AI Track Chair
Founder and CEO