Speaker Profile

Director of NGS Scientific Applications, IDT

After completing her PhD in chemistry at MIT in 2004, Mirna Jarosz began work at Helicos BioSciences, where she played a key role in the development of the world’s first commercial single-molecule DNA sequencer. In 2010, she joined the startup Foundation Medicine Inc. (FMI), where she led the team that developed the library preparation and targeted sequencing technologies used in FMI’s first cancer diagnostic based on next generation sequencing. Mirna moved from the east to the west coast of the United States in 2012 and joined the startup, 10X Genomics. She initially led 10X Genomics’ biochemistry efforts, and then formed a new team focused on applications for the company’s innovative linked-read technology. Mirna joined Integrated DNA Technologies in 2015 as Director of NGS Scientific Applications when IDT opened its R&D center in Redwood City, California.


Methods for Accurate Variant Detection in cfDNA
We present the use of novel, molecular-tagged adapters to significantly reduce errors rates in sequencing data. By incorporating these adapters in target enrichment using DNA probes, which deliver extremely even and deep coverage, we demonstrate accurate detection of mutations down to 0.25% allele frequency.

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