Invite to Virtual PMWC June 14-18, 2021: Precision Medicine in the Pandemic Recovery

We are pleased to share with you the agenda for the second virtual PMWC 2021 conference on June 14-18, with the timely program theme: Precision Medicine in the Era of a Pandemic Recovery.

Similar to the PMWC in-person conferences at the Santa Clara Convention Center there will be five main tracks in the program, but they will be held over five consecutive days, with each day representing a different track.

The conference agenda by day & track:

Day 1/Track 1, June 14: Emerging Therapeutics
Day 2/Track 2, June 15: AI & Data Sciences
Day 3/Track 3, June 16: Dx & Molecular Profiling in the Clinic- Part A
Day 4/Track 4, June 17: Dx & Molecular Profiling in the Clinic- Part B
Day 5/Track 5, June 18: Transformations in Health Care Delivery
Please see the PMWC 2021 virtual conference agenda for specific sessions and presenters.

With the recent, promising news from Israel, a country with a high percentage of its population vaccinated (even with it’s own strong Anti-Vax movement), resulting in extremely low-positive test results and single-digit monthly COVID-19 deaths. Israel has largely returned to pre-pandemic life, we expect that the US will follow suit.

While this pandemic is surely challenging at many levels for many of us, and is still in a number of countries, it is great to see how we can now focus on the many positive advancements that resulted from this crisis such as: expedited vaccine development, companies quickly pivoting to deliver needed technologies (e.g., related to testing), and researchers globally sharing findings and data at unprecedented levels. We are hopeful that we will continue on this track to reach an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, across the globe.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the upcoming virtual conference in June when we look forward to welcoming you.

With kind regards,


Tal Behar
Co-founder & President
PMWC 2021 Pittsburgh – Sept, 23-24, 2021
PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley – At the Santa Clara Convention Center – Jan, 26-28, 2022