Interview with Hector Rodriguez, Worldwide Health Chief Information Security Officer, Microsoft – Speaker at PMWC 2018 Silicon Valley

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[et_pb_accordion_item title=”Q: The security and privacy of patient health information is of utmost importance. The Microsoft cloud is making huge strides in the healthcare sector. How do you ensure you meet all obligations that safeguard patient data?”]

A: Microsoft is focused on understanding the security, privacy, and regulatory requirements that a healthcare covered entity must meet or exceed. We take this approach from the design, development, and implementation of our cloud services. We comply with over 64 regulatory and/or industry frameworks including NIST, ISO, SOC, HIPAA and HITRUST and contractually agree to safeguarding our customers data and sign a HIPAA business agreement to support these efforts.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Q: Local regulations are complex and need to be strictly adhered to when it comes to patient health data. How is Microsoft addressing local regulatory compliance requirements?”]

A: We have dedicated compliance teams that are part of our product engineering teams. We design and develop the need to meet those requirements into our products. We then work with third-party assessor and auditors to ensure that our products, platform, and services enable our healthcare covered entity customers.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Q: What makes the Microsoft cloud unique to be the trusted with anybody’s healthcare data compared to providers like Amazon or Google?”]

A: Microsoft has (to date) achieved over 64 regulatory and compliance certifications and attestations. We lead the cloud industry in this area. Other cloud vendors are now realizing that they must also understand the complex healthcare regulatory requirements in order to be viable solution platforms for healthcare. While this may increase competition it’s also a good thing overall for healthcare as the industry is focused on reducing the costs of IT and increasing investments in clinical process innovation and services.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Q: How, if at all, will the cloud change over the years to come specifically when it comes to (big) healthcare data?”]

A: The cloud will be the big data platform with the associated machine-learning and artificial intelligence services that will truly enable healthcare to be data-driven. Data will become more fluid and shared broadly amongst clinical, research, and commercial organizations to address bigger problems such as disease epidemics, chronic disease treatment, genomics, new care protocol development, minimizing clinical variation, etc. All of this will be done in an integrated and highly trusted and secure cloud platforms and services.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?”]

A: Healthcare and healthcare IT are at an unprecedented inflection point. Technology is no longer part of the problem, it’s part of the solution but not the whole solution. The industry has the opportunity to truly embrace new technology, to become data-driven, and to ensure that it’s done on a set of secure, private, and compliant cloud and hybrid-cloud platform and services that they can trust. Healthcare data is already in the cloud and there is more coming everyday. We have to ensure that the industry is ready to work with that data in this new paradigm. Having ownership of all data and infrastructure leveraging existing or legacy on-premise models is no longer an option.


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