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Director of the Precision Medicine Initiative® Cohort Program, National Institutes of Health

Eric Dishman is the Director of the Precision Medicine Initiative® Cohort Program at the National Institutes of Health. In this role, he leads efforts to build a research cohort of one million U.S. participants to advance precision medicine. Previously, Eric was an Intel Fellow and Vice President of the Health and Life Sciences Group at Intel Corporation, where he was responsible for driving Intel’s cross-business strategy, research and development, and product and policy initiatives for health and life science solutions. He is widely recognized as a global leader in health care innovation with specific expertise in home and community-based technologies and services for chronic disease management and independent living. Trained as a social scientist, Dishman is known for pioneering innovation techniques that incorporate anthropology, ethnography, and other social science methods into the development of new technologies. He also brings his own experience as a cancer patient for 23 years—finally cured thanks to precision medicine—to drive a person-centric view of health care transformation.

Session Abstract – PMWC 2019 Silicon Valley

Session Synopsis: The All of Us Program is a national initiative to transform medical care. This fully launched Research Program will collect a series of samples for the one million participants and will engage more than 100 national organizations to carry out participant registration, sample collection, and data analysis as part of the program. This session will dive into the overall program strategy; how the data is used for research purpose; how the program intends to share its data and make it accessible to further research; how the program will ensure data privacy; and what impact the initiative will have on research, precision medicine, and disease treatment and prevention.

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