Interview with Dominic Eisinger of Myriad RBM

Dr. Eisinger is a member of the executive management team at Myriad RBM, a leading multiplexed immunoassay testing laboratory providing comprehensive protein biomarker services for drug development within a CLIA certified laboratory. He directs sales, marketing, and business development in the therapeutic areas of immuno-oncology, oncology, autoimmune, metabolic, CNS and CVD applications. Dr. Eisinger joined Myriad RBM in 2006 when RBM acquired Multiplex Biosciences, a multiplex immunoassay development and manufacturing company he started and lead as President and CEO. Read his full bio.

Interview with Dominic Eisinger of Myriad RBM

Q: The Nobel Price in Medicine was awarded recently to James Allison and Tasuku for their work on unleashing the body’s immune system to attack cancer, a breakthrough that has led to an entirely new class of drugs and brought lasting remissions to many patients who had run out of options. The Nobel committee hailed their accomplishments as establishing "an entirely new principle for cancer therapy." Besides CAR T-cell therapy what do you think next generation immunotherapies will look like to successfully combat cancer?

A: Next generation immunotherapies include CAR-Ts, TCRs, cancer vaccines, ADCs, bi-specific antibodies, and checkpoint inhibitors. The greatest likelihood of success using current technologies will involve finding combinations of these approaches that work for a particular cancer in the right patient.

Q: What are the products and/or services Myriad RBM offers/develops to address or support the next generation of immunotherapies? What makes Myriad RBM unique?

A: Myriad RBM makes multiplexed and ultra-high sensitive immunoassays that allow investigators who develop immunotherapies study on-target (PD) and off-target (toxicity) effects at the protein level. The assays are already analytically validated and are suitable for analyzing clinical samples, allowing investigators to achieve multiple objectives in one assay – monitor known PD biomarkers and profile for new biomarkers that can characterize drug effect in a population.

Q: What are the short-term challenges that Myriad RBM and its peers are facing?

A: With uncertainty around regulatory guidelines for biomarkers the challenge is achieving a level of validation that suits regulatory concerns but allows flexibility to support testing in many sample matrices across various indications.

Q: What is your role at Myriad RBM and what excites you about your work?

A: VP of Sales & Marketing. Making a difference in patients’ lives by contributing to the approval of new therapies.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with the PMWC audience?

A: Precision medicine is the future and is going to be revolutionary and expensive even as we bring US healthcare spending in line with other 1st world countries. We need to constantly have constructive dialogs with the electorate on the value of health and wellbeing.