Did You Catch All 6 of These Big Genomic Medicine Headlines in Recent Weeks?

I thought that these six big developments in sequencing & genomic medicine from the past few weeks and their pertinence to Precision Medicine, would be of interest to you, as they were to me.

  1. Veritas is offering whole genome sequencing & interpretation for $199
  2. Invitae performed 75,000 billable tests in Q3, up 95% year-over-year
  3. Foundation Medicine partnering with Novartis over companion Dx in oncology
  4. BGI unveiled new sequencer
  5. Blue Cross Blue Shield partnering with Illumina to gain better understanding of PM trends
  6. Illumina announces PacBio acquisition, paying $1.2B*


“What it will mean for the market and customers is that by combining these two approaches and the data from these two companies we will give consumers a more perfect view of the genome. 
Francis de Souza, President & CEO, Illumina @PMWC in Santa Clara, January 22nd, 8:00AM

Genomic sequencing, the driver of modern genomic medicine has come a long way in a short time, and its potential to continue driving innovations in precision medicine is enormous.

PMWC 2019 Silicon Valley Jan. 20-23 in the Santa Clara Convention Center will focus on topics that are in the headlines and on everyone’s minds, in NGS and in precision medicine.

We have these key topics and key opinion leaders lined up for you:

NGS Topics:
• Fireside chat with Francis de Souza, President & CEO Illumina & Emily Leproust, CEO Twist Biosciences
• Advances & Future Perspectives in Single Cell Analysis – Hanlee Ji (Stanford)
• Data Curation, Integration and Visualization – chaired by Brady Davis (DNAnexus)
• Hurdles of Making Clinical Sequencing a Reality – Jennifer Malin (UnitedHealthcare)
• Computational Genomics Challenges – Carlos Bustamante (Stanford University)


• Deploying NGS in Different Therapeutics Applications – Catherine Brownstein (Boston Children Hospital)
• Deploying NGS-based CDx Applications – chaired by Jeffrey Edward Miller (Invivoscribe)
• Hidden Challenges of Privacy and Ethics in NGS – David Magnus (Stanford)
• Advanced Sequencing Technologies – chaired by Stephane Budel (DeciBio)
• Ethical Implications of Using Whole Exome Sequencing in Prenatal and Young Children – Barbara Koenig (UCSF)

“The most important component is the evolution of genetic analysis from its roots in diagnostic services, to the routine use of genomic information both diagnostically and prognostically at the point-of-care, mainly by general practitioners (and their patients / clients), which is where most of the value will be realized.” 
John Mattick, Executive Director Genomics England @PMWC in Santa Clara, January 23rd, 8:00AM – (Interview).

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Genomic Medicine Topics:
• Fireside chat with John Mattick, CEO Genomics England & Aleksandar Rajkovic (UCSF Health)
• Population-Based Biobanking – chaired by Daniella Beller (Maccabi Healthcare Services)
• Next in Personalized Medicine: Cancer-Phenotyping – chaired by Hartmut Juhl (Indivumed)
• Emerging Applications in Genomic Medicine – chaired by Allison Balmer (Agilent Technologies)
• Genome Medicine for Healthy People – chaired by Amir Dan Rubin (One Medical)
• DNA Testing for Cancer Screening – chaired by Adam Lowe (Chrysalis Biomedical Advisors)
• Precision Medicine and Public Health – chaired by India Hook-Barnard (UCSF)
• Genomics at Scale in the Clinical Setting – chaired by Jonathan Sheffi (Google Cloud)
• Ensuring Access to Genetic Counseling – chaired by Kaylene Ready (Counsyl)
• Proactive Genetic Testing for Mainstream Medical Practice – chaired by Robin Respaut (Reuters News)

Various Showcase* Topics:
• Clinical Dx
• Clinical & Research Tools
• Genomic Profiling
• Liquid Biopsy
• Microbial Profiling
• Precision Oncology Applications and Utility at Cancer Centers

*Companies, healthcare providers, and researchers showcase novel products or services, late-breaking research data, or innovative projects

Kindly let me know any thoughts you have on the recent headlines or our updated program! I hope you’ll register today to take advantage of the special rates.

Best Regards and have a Happy Thanksgiving,

Tal Behar
PMWC President & Co-Founder