Celebrating Leaders of Change at PMWC 2017

Announcing the Luminary and Pioneer Awardees honored at
PMWC 2017 Duke!


Each of these highly revered PMWC awardees has played a significant role in transforming health care by advancing precision medicine in the clinic. They accomplished this through their many technological and scientific contributions and their ongoing introductions of novel clinical applications. Based on these notable contributions, the PMWC awards committee has chosen to honor Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. Elaine Mardis, Dr. Keith Yamamoto, Kathy Giusti and Mark Levin at the upcoming east coast Precision Medicine World Conference at Duke in May 2017.

Luminary Awardees:

Dr. Francis S. Collins – played a vital role in the multibillion-dollar effort to sequence the human genome, one of the most significant scientific undertakings of our time. While Director of the National Institute of Health, he advised President Obama on prominent health initiatives, such as the BRAIN and Cancer Moonshot initiativesand the Precision Medicine Initiative. See the full bio

Dr. Elaine Mardis – for her leading efforts in genome sequencing and for developing applications and processes to support therapeutic decision-making. See the full bio

Dr. Keith Yamamoto – a recognized leader in science and public policy. He has made an indelible impact by simultaneously advocating for Precision Medicine across multiple sectors including .edu, .gov, .com and .org. See the full bio

Pioneer Awardees:

Kathy Giusti – a widely respected leader in establishing innovative, collaborative research models in tissue banking, genomics, and clinical trials. She is a powerful champion of open-access data sharing and a strong advocate for patient engagement. See the full bio

Mark Levin – who recognized early on that personalized medicine had the potential to benefit the patient as well as revolutionize pharma and biotech.He broughtthe relevant stakeholders together to overcome the many challenges of its implementation. See the full bio

We are enthusiastic about celebrating these honorees and having them join us at PMWC 2017 Duke as both presenters and luminaries.

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