It’s (still) a Man’s World

Although the health of women has generally seen some improvements over the years, it is still insufficiently supported when it comes to clinical study representation in funding research and in drug development. Women’s health as a medical specialty should include a comprehensive slate of physical, mental, and social well-being and not just focus narrowly on the absence of disease.

Precision Medicine: Riding the Wave of ChatGPT- PMWC Jan. 24-26, 2024 SAVE THE DATE

At PMWC 2024, we will explore how ChatGPT and similar LLMs can unlock the full potential of precision medicine. Together, we will address the challenges associated with implementation, including ensuring up-to-date content, incorporating human oversight, mitigating potential data biases, and ensuring compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Letter from Vice Chancellor Keith Yamamoto – Public-Private Collaboratives: Essential Elements of Precision Medicine

“Achieving precision medicine depends on federal resources to de-risk bold development, prototype impactful technologies, advance manufacturing, and put public good and public health on solid economic ground.” “Science the Endless Frontier”, the 1945 report prepared for President Roosevelt by Vannevar Bush, established the U.S. science policy framework that stands to this day: the federal government […]

IN 3 WEEKS- RWE/D Impacting Healthcare Decisions, But the Scientific Community Has to Get Active! More at PMWC Jan 25-27

Real-world evidence (RWE)-based approaches will increasingly influence clinical decision-making as real-world data (RWD) analysis methods advance, along with expanding acquisition, aggregation, and harmonization of RWD from traditional and novel sources. Growth of real-world datasets will elevate statistical power and generalizability, and ultimately is expected to enhance disease prevention and management across clinical domains and populations. […]

Note from Cindy Perettie re PMWC 2023’s Liquid Biopsy Track

The biggest winner of COVID was liquid biopsy (LB), as interventional surgeries for biopsies simply weren’t happening during much of the pandemic. LB was a phenomenal solution and the restrictions due to COVID certainly propelled its advancement during the last couple of years. We had the opportunity to leverage LB for cancer patients showing the […]

AI in Healthcare: A critical analysis of the rapid growth in the volume of healthcare data. Hear more at January’s PMWC 2023 Silicon Valley

“We are in an era when the volume of healthcare data is growing at lightning speed but our ability to gain insights from that data for improved health outcomes remains far behind. Barriers are many and include silos of information, poor data quality from non-structured EHRs, underutilized genomics, and continued healthcare inequities. Bringing together stakeholders […]


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