Data Privacy, the Security, And Ownership

The recent Facebook data breach, genetic data sleuthing by the FBI that led to the Golden State Killer, and the soon-to-be-implemented European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has put data privacy and security front and center.

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Meet Dr. Gil Omenn, Director of the University of Michigan Center for Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics on June 6th at PMWC 2018 Michigan

Q: What are the objectives of the Human Proteome Project and what are some of the recent breakthrough discoveries?

The HUPO Human Proteome Project has two overarching goals: (1) to complete the protein parts list, with at least one protein product from each of the ~20,000 protein-coding genes along with sequence variants, splice variants, and post-translational modifications, with characterization of their functions;…

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