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PMWC 2019 Silicon Valley
Luminary & Pioneer Awards

The PMWC Luminary Award recognizes recent contributions of preeminent figures who have accelerated personalized medicine into the clinic. The PMWC Pioneer Award is given to a venerable individual whose foresight and groundbreaking contributions to Precision Medicine propelled the movement in its early years, allowing it to gain momentum to evolve into the standard of care that it is becoming today.

This year, for the Luminary Award, PMWC will be honoring Carl June for developing CAR-T therapy (the world’s first gene-based cancer therapy), Sharon Terry for inciting the movement to build systems for individuals to access and share health data, and Feng Zhang for spearheading the development of optogenetics and CRISPR. For the Pioneer Award, PMWC will be recognizing George Yancopoulos for developing foundational technologies designed to invent groundbreaking therapies.

Date & Agenda

When: January 20th at 6:00-8:00pm

Where: PMWC Venue – Track 2 (Great America Ballroom)

Suggested dress: Cocktail attire

Luminary Pioneer Company Competition

Past Luminary Award Recipients

Mary V. Relling

2018- Michigan

Pioneer and advocate for pharmacogenomic personalized medicine

Jeffrey I. Gordon

2018- Duke

Pioneered the study of gut microbial ecology and evolution and today addresses the global challenges of obesity and undernutrition

Eric Topol

2018- Michigan

Pioneered genetics and genomics in cardiovascular medicine and led the era of wireless medicine

Susan A. Murphy

2018- Michigan

Developing innovative data science methods to improve patient care through mobile health in chronic disease

Emmanuelle Charpentier


Pioneered the CRISPR-CAS9 Genome Editing Technology

Jennifer Doudna


Pioneered the Groundbreaking Crispr-Cas9 Genome Editing Technology

Edward F. Chang


Pioneer in Human Brain Circuit Mapping to Advance Precision Neuropathology

James Allison


Pioneered Cancer Immunotherapy Through Discovery of the Immune Checkpoint Blockade

Roger Perlmutter


Expedited Development of Groundbreaking Therapies

Laura Esserman


Breast Cancer Treatment Paradigm Shifter

Ron Davis


Developed R-loop Technique of Electron Microscopy

Jay Flatley


Established Illumina as the leader in sequence technology

Janet Woodcock


FDA Director, fast-tracked targeted drugs through FDA approval

Brian Druker


Co-inventor, blockbuster drug, Gleevec

George Church


Contributions to the sequencing of genomes and interpreting such data; In Neuroscience he established a “functional connectome”

Lee Hood


Inventions included the automated DNA sequencer and a tool for synthesizing DNA

Past Pioneer Award Recipients

Michael Boehnke

2018- Michigan

Pioneered large-scale studies identifying genetic risk in diabetes and Bipolar Disorder

Ronald Levy


Pioneered the concept of antibodies being used as personalized anticancer drugs

Sir John Bell


Leading Genetic and Genomic Research Initiatives that Enable Precision Medicine in the UK and Globally

Alan Ashworth


Co-discovered the BRCA2 gene mutation and made discoveries leading to PARP inhibition in breast and other cancers

Steve Quake


Steve Quake has pioneered innovative approaches to biological measurement

Irv Weissman


Pioneer in Regenerative Medicine & Cancer Stem Cells

Ralph Snyderman


Widely recognized as “Father of Personalized Medicine”

Craig Venter


1st Draft Human Gen., 1st Complete Diploid Human Gen., and 1st Synth. Bact. Cell

Dennis Lo


Discovered That An Unborn Fetus Releases Fetal DNA Into Maternal Plasma

Jonathan K.C. Knowles

2015 – UK

Personalized Medicine Leader in both Academia and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Yuet Wain Kan


The first to establish that a single DNA mutation could lead to a human disease, and the first to diagnose a human disease by using DNA

Michael Hayden

2014 – Israel

Developer, First Predictive Test for Huntington’s Disease

Kim Popovits

2013 – Israel

Launched both earliest genetically-targeted therapy and molecular diagnostic assay

Most Promising Company Award

The PMWC Most Promising Company Competition has accompanied PMWC since 2009 with the goal to assist “rising star” startups in Diagnostics, Therapeutics, and Health Tech to increase their visibility, provide them with a platform to present to a group of leading investors, as well as to potential clients and partners so they can succeed on their path forward.

Abreos Biosciences

Abreos Biosciences is a precision medicine company in San Diego, CA developing laboratory-based and near-patient tests for precision dosing of biologic drugs. Abreos has cultivated a diverse portfolio of Veritope™ tests that allow for direct monitoring of blood concentrations of monoclonal antibody drugs (novel or biosimilar). Website:


Immusoft’s mission is re-program patient cells into miniature drug factories that engraft and survive for decades in the body. Website:

Two Pore Guys

Two Pore Guys

Two Pore Guys created a solid-state nanopore-based diagnostic testing platform that can detect nucleic acids, proteins and other analytes with comparable performance of lab equipment, in a glucometer-style system. Website:

Gritstone Oncology

Gritstone Oncology

Every patient’s tumor is molecularly unique – Gritstone Oncology deploys a proprietary tumor antigen prediction model based upon patient tumor sequencing/mass spectrometry to deliver antigens as personalized therapeutic vaccine alongside checkpoint inhibitors. Website:



HealthMyne is an imaging informatics company dedicated to transforming patient care by enabling image data mining within the clinical workflow. Built on an FDA-cleared diagnostic platform, HealthMyne tools will increase radiologist efficiency by automating both data capture and structured reports. Website:



Insilico Medicine, Inc. is a bioinformatics company located at the Emerging Technology Centers at the Johns Hopkins University Eastern campus in Baltimore. It utilizes advances in genomics, big data analysis and deep learning for in silico drug discovery and drug repurposing for aging and age-related diseases. Website:



AccelDx’s technology enables patients and healthcare providers to perform lab-quality medical diagnostic tests at any time and any place. The patented pScreen™ platform technology employs a single-use blood test the size of a credit card in tandem with a smartphone application to quickly detect disease-specific biomarker levels. Website:



T2 Biosystems is an in vitro diagnostics company that has developed an innovative and proprietary technology platform that is designed to offer a rapid, sensitive and simple alternative to existing diagnostic methodologies. Their new class of clinical diagnostics powered by T2MR is the world’s first direct detection technology that delivers superior sensitivity at unmatched speed to guide more effective clinical decision-making. IPO, Aug. 2014. Website:



ElMindA has developed the BNA™ technology platform, which for the first time allows high resolution visualization and evaluation of the complex neuro-physiological interconnections of the human brain at work, capturing information on the composition, connectivity, synchronization and operation of brain networks. Website:



Horizon Discovery Limited has developed a translational genomics platform and drug discovery toolbox that enables the development of new therapies targeted at the genetic features that drive an individual’s cancer. IPO, March 2014. Website:



QuantaLife provides advanced genetic analysis systems for research. QuantaLife has commercialized the Droplet Digital™ (ddPCR) system, the most accurate genetic analysis platform available today. The system is the first cost-effective, high-resolution platform available for the validation of next-generation sequencing discoveries. With the ddPCR system, researchers can explore complex genetic landscapes in high-definition, discover new disease associations, and define a new category of improved molecular diagnostic tests. Acquired by Bio-Rad, October 2011. Website:



Applied Immune Technologies’ (AIT) core technology platforms encompass the identification and validation of novel MHC-based targets, as well as development of therapeutic Human Recombinant T-Cell Receptor-Like (TCRL) antibodies with the unique ability to bind with these intracellular peptide/MHC complexes with the specificity of cytotoxic T-cell killer cells. Acquired by Adicet Bio, January 2016. Website:



Boston Heart Diagnostics is a heart health management company providing integrated diagnostic and patient management solutions that are advancing cardiovascular disease risk assessment, monitoring and treatment. The Company’s goal is to predict, prevent, manage and reverse cardiovascular disease by improving patient assessment and management. Acquired by Eurofins Scientific, December 2014. Website:


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