PMWC 2019 Silicon Valley Award Reception

January 20th

6:00-7:00 PM   Networking, appetizers, and cocktails

7:00-7:02 PM   Tal Behar Ceremony MC-welcome words

7:02-7:03 PM   Tal invite William Dalton, PMWC 2019 program chair for opening words

7:03-7:05 PM   William Dalton speaks

7:05-7:06 PM   Tal invite Aris Baras to introduce George D. Yancopoulos

7:06-7:11 PM   Aris Baras introduce honoree: George D. Yancopoulos and give him the PIONEER AWARD

7:11-7:16 PM   George D. Yancopoulos speaks

7:16-7:17 PM   Tal invite Ilan Kirsch to introduce Carl June

7:17-7:22 PM   Ilan Kirsch introduce honoree Carl June and give him the PMWC 2019 LUMINARY AWARD

7:22-7:27 PM   Carl June speaks

7:27-7:28 PM   Tal invite William Dalton

7:28-7:33 PM   William Dalton introduce honoree: Feng Zhang and give him the LUMINARY AWARD

7:33-7:38 PM   Feng Zhang speaks

7:38-7:39 PM   Tal invite Randy Scott to introduce Sharon Terry

7:39-7:44 PM   Randy Scott introduce honoree: Sharon Terry and give her the PMWC 2019 LUMINARY AWARD

7:44-7:49 PM   Sharon Terry speaks

7:56-7:57 PM   Tal conclude the award ceremony

7:57-8:30 PM   Networking

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