We’re barely halfway through, and what a year for precision medicine this has been already!

The field of precision medicine is moving forward in full speed. We are all witnessing it!

  • Whether it is with the launch of various precision medicine/population sequencing studies,
  • Or immunotherapy getting to be the new standard of care, and with it the potential for personally tailored treatments through immune profiling or personalized cancer vaccines,
  • Or clinical genomics seeing widespread adoption across many medical organizations,
  • Or data science and artificial intelligence improving patient care via optimized clinical trials, better diagnostics and therapeutics.

Learn first-hand what some of these developments mean for the field of precision medicine, the individual researcher and clinician, the pharma sector, the investment community, the regulatory side, or innovative commercial companies that are disrupting the sector.

PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley – The Largest Precision Medicine Conference Yet!

We are in full swing planning for PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley, which will be taking place January 21-24 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. PMWC 2020 builds upon and brings together sources and key stakeholders surrounding the exciting news we are witnessing on a daily basis.We have five tracks planned that traverse the various aspects of precision medicine:

  • Track 1: Emerging Therapeutics
    • CAR-T Cell Therapy, Cancer Neoantigen Vaccines, Cardiovascular Therapeutics, CRISPR, Gene Therapies, FDA Perspective, and more
  • Track 2: AI/ Machine Learning & Data Sciences
    • Data Science in Drug Discovery, Clinical Trial Design & Patient Selection, the FDA Perspective, Computational Models that Expedite Clinical Dx, Driving Toward Value-Based Care, and more
  • Track 3: Diagnostics in Clinical Practice
    • Liquid Biopsy Applications, Sequencing Data Challenges, Supporting Technologies, Women’s Health, Clinical Dx/NIPT, Rare Disease Dx, and more
  • Track 4: Molecular Profiling from Research to the Clinic
    • Clinical Trials Management & Support, DTC DNA Reporting, Risk Profiling, Clinical Genomic Profiling, NGS Data, Biomarker Discovery, and more
  • Track 5: Health monitoring, Wellness, and Microbial Testing
    • Microbial Wellness Monitoring, the Microbiota & Aging/Chronic Diseases, Pathogen ID, Microbiome-Based Tx & Dx, and more


Contact us now, if you’re interested to contribute to this exciting, upcoming event.

And stay tuned as we are sharing more exciting news over the months to come in preparation of PMWC 2020!

We’re looking forward to meeting many of you again in January of 2020, The PMWC team

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