Award Ceremony Agenda at UCSF

January 21, 2018

6:30 PM     Networking, appetizers and cocktails

7:20 PM     Co-host opening words: Sam Hawgood

7:25 PM     Program Chair opening words: George Sledge

7:35 PM     Emmanuelle Charpentier Luminary Award Honoree introduction by Keith Yamamoto

7:40 PM     Words by Honoree: Emmanuelle Charpentier

7:45 PM     Alan Ashworth Pioneer Award Honoree introduction by Sam Hawgood

7:50 PM    Words by Honoree: Alan Ashworth

7:55 PM    Sir John Bell Pioneer Award Honoree introduction by Ira Mellman and Peter Donnelly

8:00 PM    Words by Honoree: Sir John Bell

8:05 PM     Ron Levy Pioneer Award Honoree introduction by Ian Chan, Abpro

8:10 PM     Words by Honoree: Ron Levy

8:15 PM     Closing words, George Sledge

8:20 PM     Networking

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