University of Michigan

University of Michigan’s current areas of expertise not only include precision oncology, drug development and targeted therapies, as well as new approaches to big data, but the university has also developed its own strategy around how to advance precision medicine across campuses. In addition to these activities, the university also represents one of four programs of the Precision Medicine Initiative (All of Us) which makes the University of Michigan a unique partner for PMWC to hold its next conference at its campus.

PMWC 2018 Michigan June 6-7

Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

The University of Michigan, through research excellence and the Precision Health Initiative is significantly impacting major health crises such as opioid abuse, mental illness, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. I am grateful for the opportunity to facilitate discussion around precision medicine through the PMWC18, as the factors contributing to these illnesses are as unique as an individual’s genomic ‘fingerprint’ and affected by social, environmental and economic patterns. To succeed, solutions must be precisely orchestrated to engage the right person, at the right time, in the right environment.

Vicki L. Ellingrod, PharmD, FCCP, PMWC 2018 Michigan Program Chair

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, College of Pharmacy and Associate Director, Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research (MICHR)


“PMWC has proven, time and time again, that it attracts thought-leaders from all the relevant fields and catalyzes crucial collaboration through inspiring and practical program content. This is the Conference for entrepreneurs to meet payors, and for researchers to connect with service providers and for clinicians to hear from leading providers.”

Lee Hood, PhD, MD

President, Institute for Systems Biology

“PMWC provides a valuable insight for physicians and others who may be wondering how close we are getting to realizing the arrival of personalized medicine. The conferences are helpful in understanding where and how the envelope is being pushed.”

Peter Paul Yu, MD, FACP, FASCO

Immediate Past President, ASCO

“PMWC is a very well organized conference based in Silicon Valley that addresses all of the salient issues facing personalized medicine and offers emerging personalized medicine companies a chance to showcase their latest innovations, reminding us how exciting the field is.”

Ed Abrahams, PhD

President, PMC